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Based in Limerick, Ireland, Synthwave/Outrun producer Ashpool has just released his first EP, Analogue Conspiracy, under Synthwave label RetroReverbRecords. Crafted using a collection of analogue and digital hardware synths, his music, dark, dystopian and sometimes ominous, blends early outrun electronic with ambient, space rock and industrial metal influences.

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Corp 86



With a strongly marked style from the 80's pop scene, CORP 86 brings a fresh and renewed sound hoping to be an emergent band in the synth pop style scene.
Their influences are mostly from the 80’s, Their songs send us to the 80's nostalgia and show us how important it is to rescue the essence of that decade.

Today CORP 86 ventures into this exciting freedom to show us the nostalgic sensations that awake our imagination from a decade of excellence, that is undoubtedly is the 80’s.. Movies, videogames, sounds and images and those songs that are still alive in our memories and through the Synthwave scene.

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Daniel Hugh


Daniel Hugh Bio:

Daniel Hugh is a solo-artist from Northampton, England. With a background in heavy rock and acoustic music, the forthcoming 'Inspired by Immortals' EP takes him into unchartered musical territory.

'Inspired by Immortals' is Daniel's second self-penned solo release and can be described as a cross between dreamwave and synth pop. With 80's influences from Cyndi Lauper, Phil Collins and Def Leppard, the synthwave-inspired instrumentation is fused together with contemporary song-writing and structure, along with big choruses to create a dynamic and emotive listening experience.

The 5-track EP explores the internal battle between our demons and their better angels, and at times fixates on a desire to find a deeper meaning behind our existence. Mental health, anxiety and pillars of support are recurring themes throughout the EP.

Daniel Hugh is delighted to be joining the RetroReverbRecords family and can't wait to get started on working together to get his music out there.

He said: "There are so many really talented artists on the RRR label. It's a real honor to be rubbing shoulders with them. RRR have been so supportive and enthusiastic already, so I'm excited to work together to make the best music possible."

'Inspired by Immortals' was written, produced and performed by Daniel Hugh, recorded and mixed at his home studio. It was mastered by Yannick Behrendt at Vibesbuilder Studios, Germany.

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