Synthetic Funk Album Release.

Delta Wave 82`s new retrowave album Synthetic Funk is loaded with electronic grooves, in-your-face synth basslines and beats to move your feet. It blends the elements of soul, disco, pop and funk smoothly and takes you back in time.


The album is full of legendary synth sounds of the 70`s and 80`s and it`s designed to make your head bob. Punchy synth lines, catchy melodies and groovy basslines will keep you smiling for the rest of the day and make you listen to the album again and again.


The upbeat music on Synthetic Funk will take your mind and body on a journey. Whether you want to wear those vintage sneakers for breakdancing and hit the floor or you are a suspended cop investigating crimes in Beverly Hills, this album has got you covered. The album is a real jack of all trades and suitable for partying, recollection and driving.


Delta Wave 82`s second full length album Synthetic Funk is a must-have for the summer!