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Streets of Night, Driver86 (feat.Eden Future)

Two friends , bringing the 80's to 2019

Chrome Eyes

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A record label that wants to help artists grow and develop. Developed by Artists themselves, both Alex and Cole have been involved in the music industry music for over twenty years and are here to help artists bring their music to a higher level.

Finding Talent


If you're looking for a dynamic label that allows artists to express themselves please send us your music and we will get back to you with our thoughts :)

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We can help with; mixing and mastering , artwork, video, promotion, merchandise.


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We love meeting artists in every stage of their music careers. Reach out to see what we can do for you at retroreverbrecords.gmail.com


Palermo (Sicily) - Brilliance of the Seas, Palermo, Palermo 90139, Italy

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